Basic Katana Sword Buying Guide

Samurai Katana SwordThere was a time when wars were fought with swords. The different type of sword that a person would carry signifies the status and power of the individual. Japanese have a good reputation in making swords that are of superior strength and they symbolize the power of the fighter and dignify their status. This guide will attempt to give you some answers on how you can get your own katana depending on your own needs.

The history of samurai sword dates back to few thousand of years. Japan’s elite warriors called Samurai used the katana for fighting with their enemies. They had impressive good skills in using the katana¬† efficiently and they spent a lot of time every day perfecting their sword fighting skills. While modern weapons have replaced the position of swords, katana still attains a deep value within people fascinated with the Samurai and many more that are enchanted by the power and charisma of the sword. That is why people still love these swords and some make an attempt to collect them, while some also learn the way in which these katana sword can be used.

Authentic Samurai SwordWhen you’re ready to purchase your first katana, first thing you should consider is whether the seller is authentic or not. Real authentic Japanese swords can cost thousands of dollars, however you can get ones what are of high quality and able to cut for only a few hundred. There are many online shops that deal in samurai swords, and a quick search will reveal most popular ones. If you do plan to spend a lot of money on a sword, make sure the seller is reputable and trustworthy. And by all means, avoid Ebay.

Of course in case you personally know an expert about swords it’s always good to ask them for advice. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what you need to look for in a quality katana, particularly tailored to your purposes. If you just need a simple training sword then the basic rule of thumb is you get what you pay. Wooden and bamboo swords are very cheap, and there are also some steel training katana that are less than $100.

Before purchasing a steel sword however you should certainly consider whether you intend to use it for battle purposes (cutting) or as a show piece (display sword). Obviously a decorative sword doesn’t need to be of high quality, but if you want to do any kind of real cutting make sure to get a functional battle-ready katana. Note however that such swords need to be handled with care, not only because they are extremely sharp but also because any kind of negligence can cause them to rust. Proper maintenance of high-quality Japanese katana is essential if you want to preserve the quality and sharpness of your sword.

Katana SwordYou should also know that katana come in various sizes and weight. A simple way of determining if the sword is of the right size is to hold it pointing towards the ground. If the sword is of perfect length for you it should be barely touching the ground or be very near it. Make sure that when buying a sword you also buy a sheath (jap. saya). Having a scabbard makes sure the sword doesn’t get damaged during transport, and that the blade doesn’t collect dust.

Analyzing all these factors you should be able to decide exactly what kind of sword you need: training, display or functioning one. In any case do remember that katana swords aren’t toys and in the right (or wrong) hands any kind of sword can be deadly, even unsharpened ones. Before you try any kind of actual cutting with katana, you should definitely learn at least some basics of wielding one.